Automotive Insurance

Having your vehicles covered is an absolute necessity because it will cover your expenses in the event of an accident. It covers damages to other cars, drivers, passengers or pedestrians. Whether you have a car, boat, motorcycle, RV, or ATV it is essential to have them insured properly and with the right coverage to protect yourself.

Our agencies have extensive knowledge in vehicle coverage. We will help you find the best policy to fit your needs and budget. We will help you protect your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, ATV, RV and more. We have specialized knowledge in those who need specialized coverage including SR-22’s.

There are three types of Auto insurance to consider.


This type of coverage only covers damages and/or injuries to a third party, not a driver or the driver’s property.


Collision Insurance is there to protect you. This will help pay to repair and/or replace your car in the event of an accident, be that with another vehicle or object. This is required typically by a lender; in the event you are financing a vehicle.


This type of insurance covers your vehicle caused by events out of your control. This includes windshield damage, theft, vandalism, fire, hail, tree limbs, animal collision or acts of nature. This is an optional coverage but can save you money and is recommended.

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